Why start a blog called Crouching China???

One year from August 1st I will be leaving for China to travel the country and attend the 2008 Summer Olympics. I have never been to China, Asia or even attended an Olympic Games. I intend to learn as much as I can about traveling in China and post it here so that I can remember the information. If you have any stories about traveling to China, please drop me a line at crouchingchina at gmail dot com.

Where does the name Crouching China come from? Well China is where I’m going and Crouching is a derivitive of my last name. Mostly I thought it was catchy title.


One response to “Why start a blog called Crouching China???

  1. Hey. I just happened by. I’ve never browsed in WordPress before. BUT, just to say, if you happen to travel in Southwest China, particularly Yunnan province, leave a comment on my blog and I’ll give you some pointers. It’s THE most beautiful and interesting part of China, in my most humble opinion.

    Enjoy. And enjoy the Olympics! I’m completely jealous.

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