Traveling with only 10Lbs of stuff

Tim Ferriss is one of those guys you want to know. He’s traveled extensively, spends only 4 hrs a week running an online company, is a Guinness world record holder for Tango dancing, a cage fighter in Japan, speaks 6 languages and now has a best selling book. I haven’t personally met Tim, but have read his book and actively read his blog. One of his recent posts is a perfect example of how to travel without packing the kitchen sink. He subscribes to the theory of bringing only the most essential items and begging/borrowing/buying at the destination anything else he might need. On a recent trip to Maui Tim packs ONLY the following:

-1 featherweight Marmot Ion jacket (3 oz.!)
-1 breathable Coolibar long-sleeve shirt. This saved me in Panama.
-1 pair of polyester pants. Polyester is light, wrinkle-resistant, and dries quickly. Disco dancers and flashpackers dig it.
-1 Kensington laptop lock, also used to secure all bags to stationary objects.
-1 single Under Armour sock, used to store sunglasses
-2 nylon tanktops
-1 large MSR quick-dry microfiber towel, absorbs up to 7 times its weight in water
-1 Ziploc bag containing toothbrush, travel toothpaste, and disposable razor
-1 Fly Clear biometric travel card, which cuts down my airport wait time about 95%
-2 pairs of Exofficio lightweight underwear. Their tagline is “17 countries. 6 weeks. And one pair of underwear.” I think I’ll opt for two, considering they weigh about as much as a handful of Kleenex. One other nice side-effect of their weight: they’re much more comfortable than normal cotton underwear.
-2 pairs of shorts/swimsuits
-2 books: Lonely Planet Hawaii and The Entrepreneurial Imperative (the latter comes highly recommended—check it out)
-1 sleeping mask and earplugs
-1 pair of Reef sandals. Best to get a pair with removable straps that go around the heel.
-1 Canon PowerShot SD300 digital camera with extra 2GB SD memory card. God, I love this camera more than words can describe. It is the best designed piece of electronics I have ever owned. I now use it not only for all of my photos and videos, but also as a replacement for my scanner. I’m considering testing the newer and cheaper SD1000.
-1 coffee harvesting hat to prevent my pale skin from burning off.
-1 Kiva keychain expandable duffel bag
-1 Chapstick, 1 Mag-Lite Solitaire flashlight, and 1 roll of athletic tape. The last is a lifesaver. It’s as useful as duct tape for repairing objects but gentle enough to use on injuries, which I am fond of inflicting on myself.
-1 Lewis and Clark flex lock (for luggage, lockers, zippers, or whatever I need to lock down/shut/together). Standard mini-padlocks are often too cumbersome to thread through holes on lockers, etc.
-1 Radio Shack kitchen timer, which I’ve been using to wake up for about five years. The problem with using a cell phone alarm to wake up is simple: the phone needs to be on, and even if you use vibrate, people can call and wake you up before you want to wake up. The second benefit to using a kitchen timer if that you know exactly how much sleep you are—or aren’t—getting, and you can experiment with things like caffeine power naps of different durations… but that’s another post 😉

I admire his ability to downsize the stuff he takes with him. I’m always torn between traveling light and bringing enough stuff so that I am always prepared for any situation. The debate will continue as August 2008 gets closer and closer.

Question: What’s on your packing list?


3 responses to “Traveling with only 10Lbs of stuff

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  2. How weird, I just finished a post about packing, procrastination, underwear and a few other really important things… I love that new thing linking to related blogs. Your site is great and thanks for the great ideas and info on links. I will be back for more info as soon as I have time to play…Keep up the good work.

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