Beijing Prepares for Olympic Traffic

As we are going to visit China in 2008 because of the Beijing Olympics, I figured it was time to post something about the Olympics. What should come across my desk at work yesterday but an article in the Wall Street Journal about Beijing preparing for the mass chaos that will hit their transportation system next year.

The article ( you can read the full version here) states Nissan and the City of Beijing have teamed up to create a citywide navigation system. The plan, called Star Wing, is to have real time traffic data transmitted to monitors in cars over a WiFi network. Nissan wants to put the system into 600,000 cars which would cut congestion by 20% according to officials. The program is scheduled to begin next year. Will it ease traffic congestion in a city of 3 million cars? We shall see.


2 responses to “Beijing Prepares for Olympic Traffic

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