Review: Fried Eggs with Chopsticks

Today I review the book Fried Eggs with Chopsticks by Polly Evans. The subtitle of the book says it all “One Woman’s Hilarious Adventure into a Country and a Culture Not Her Own”. With a few rudimentary phrases of Mandarin, a determination to experience (rural) China on public transportation (by bus, car, train, and mule), she embarks on a journey filled with stories of bad food and comfortless travel. Though she has an annoying habit of whining about almost everything, she is a good writer (this is one of three books she’s written book). Her anecdotes about training with six year old Kung-Fu artists and to witnessing a train official selling flameproof socks are very entertaining. The book often adds a historical perspective to wherever Evans visits. A good read and a good example of why one should think twice before trying public transportation in China.


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