Unusual Hotels from around the World

Though this blog focuses on China, I came across this article last week and couldn’t pass up posting on it. Miss Cellania from Mentalfloss.com lists 8 hotels that are unique, amazing and just plain strange. Check out the article for pictures of each hotel.

The Ice Hotel – Found in Sweden, it offers a completely bone chilling experience; even the beds are made from ice! This hotel is rebuilt (or should I say carved!?) every year.

Cabañas Copal Hotel Tulum – This bare bones escape in the Caribbean is a must for anyone who can do without electricity, gas, water, telephones and air conditioning. From the beautiful picture, I think I could suffer through it.

Wild Canopy Reserve -Straight out of a Swiss Family Robinson story, this tree house hotel has running water and a working toilet. And it’s 41 feet above the ground! It’s in India.

Jules’ Undersea Lodge – A truly unique experience, the only way to get to this undersea lodge in Florida is to scuba dive. It has 2 bedrooms, a common room (kitchen), and a full bathroom. Too bad I don’t scuba dive.

Dromoland Castle – A luxurious castle, originally an Irish stronghold in the 11th century, there is over a 1000 years of history in the surrounding area. And there is even a golf course!

Das Park Hotel -The complete opposite of a castle is this drainpipe you can rent for the night in Austria. This ultimate simple residence gives you a once in a lifetime opportunity. The best part? You pay ‘what you wish’.

Gamirasu Cave Hotel – This Turkish former monastery has several rooms built underground. Most of the rooms are of the above ground variety.

Propeller Island City Lodge – Perhaps the strangest hotel on the list, this Berlin establishment has a different theme for each room. Not too strange until you see the picture below of the Coffin Themed room.


That’s it for unusual Hotels from around the world. Tomorrow I promise I’ll post something China related. Have a great day!


2 responses to “Unusual Hotels from around the World

  1. Man, what a list! I always liked Swiss Family Robinson, so I’m putting that one tops on my vacation wish list.

  2. crouchingchina

    If you ever go, let me know what you think of it.

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