I’m not the only one going to Beijing?!?

As I was reading an article in the WSJ last week describing the Olympics and all of the attention it is getting, I came to the disheartening conclusion that I’m not the only going to see the Olympics.  I realize that that is an obvious statement.  Here are some sobering facts from the article:

  •  2008 Beijing Olympics will be the most highly attended in history! Good for the Olympics, bad for me.
  • Several hotels (including at least one that isn’t built yet) are already completely booked during August next year. And those that have space are jacking up their prices four times the usual amount.
  •  There are 286,000 hotel rooms in the area but 2 to 3 million visitors coming. Not sure where they are all going to stay (myself included).
  • Flights to Beijing are rising in price tenfold. There just aren’t enough seats to fill the needs of travelers.
  • Tickets to the Games are hard to come by.  The first phase of ticket sales has already passed. I missed it by a few weeks!

Hopefully, I haven’t dissuaded you from going to the Olympics yet. But one does needs to have plan. Tomorrow I’ll post some ways to overcome these discouraging facts.


2 responses to “I’m not the only one going to Beijing?!?

  1. I hope you’re able to sort everything out. We are in the midst of doing so ourselves. We’ve secured our tickets and have been trying to book a hotel for the last week. We’ve discovered that most hotels haven’t released their price lists for next summer and the ones that we have looked at are upwards of $400 US a night! Obviously, we have the same concerns as you. I’m hoping that I can get in contact with some friends from Beijing. Beijing is going to be insane and I can’t wait! Good luck!

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