bwg.pngToday I’m going to focus on a blog of someone that is living in or near China. It’ll hopefully give me (and you) a taste for what it’s like over there. is a blog written by “The Foreign Devil” also known as Randall. He’s a straight shooting 41 year old from Canada.

BigWhiteGuy is a writer and photographer. He takes great photos, but his true talent comes in relating what it’s like living in Hong Kong as a foreigner, especially, one who is 6’2″. His Tales of the BWG are priceless and a must read for anyone interested in Hong Kong. These are a collection of his observations and essays on living in HK, it’s culture and his transition from a someone “fresh off the boat” to a local.

In addition to writing and photography, he has several other services including a friend finder service, job postings, and air/water purification. BWG is definitely someone you want to look up if you ever find yourself in Hong Kong.


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  1. Well done, great blog and great posts!!!

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