China’s New Frontier

This is taken from an article in Adventure’s September 2006 issue. I haven’t been able to find the article online but luckily I have a copy of it. Below are 5 trips it recommended.

1) Bike across Szechuanz – This is a 12 day vehicle supported mountain bike trip through Bike China Adventures. It’s spendy ($2,720) and lots of biking. But you do get to hang out in a monastery and see yak herders.

2) Hike the Great Wall – Self explanatory and just plain awesome! (

3) Raft the Yangtze -Imagine this: Class IV rapids, Asia’s longest river, a 12 days trip though a gorge twice as deep as the Grand Canyon. (

4) Trek through Yunnan – Subtropical climate, bamboo huts, elephant habitats, and fertile rain forests typify this 6 day trek though Southeast Asia. (

5) Drive the Silk Road – See thousands of years of history along this road to the Middle East. (


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