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Quick Weather Update

It’s raining and 73 degrees in Beijing today. Humidity is at 94%!!! Keep in mind its only 7:30am over there, and the high today should be 93 degrees! Wow, that’s a bit toasty.


Fog, Thunderstorms a year from now???

It might be prudent to check the weather in Beijing, China now to know what it will be like at this time next year. Or it just might be a little obsessive. Either way, fog, thunderstorms and warm temperatures is the current forecast. Temperatures range from high 70s to 100F for the week! Add clouds and rain, and I’m guessing the humidity is pretty bad. Where I live, the weather changes every five minutes. One learns to dress for any weather occasion, so I feel adequately prepared for our trip. Still its nice to know what to expect. Here is my favorite weather website,